捕鱼赢现金10元提现有什么猫腻The Hot 100 2019: Visual Art


The Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

  • Anahit Behrooz, Rachael Cloughton, Neil Cooper and David Pollock
  • 1 November 2019
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Hanna Tu奇奇乐捕鱼赢现金ulikki, Alberta Whittle and Katie Paterson are among our favourite cultural contributors this year

It’s safe to say that 2019 has been a mammoth year for creativity and innovation in Scotland. From award-winning albums to groundbreaking theatrical works, we cover it all in our annual countdown of the figures who we feel have made the greatest impact on arts and culture in the country throughout the year. But The List’s Hot 100 has a twist this time: we’ve got a Top 19 for 2019, though beyond that we’re celebrating everyone equally because as we head towards 2020 and reflect back on the past decade, we feel that the Scottish cultural landscape is as healthy, bold and exciting as it’s ever been.


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